Welcome to where I process my confusion through writing.

In 2014 I left my career in petroleum geology to travel for a year before doing something else. My return home to Canada didn’t happen, and presently I’m writing and pedalling my way towards that “something else.” Wait…is writing and cycling the something else? Have I arrived? That’s not even a rhetorical question!

On this blog I document these journeys: ones on the road, ones into the mind, and particularly ones that combine both of these landscapes.

me smiling in the morning in our wild camp spot in central Tanzania

Waking up in Central Tanzania

I’m currently located in Africa (Eastern, Southern, perhaps Western one day) with my partner, Evan. We crossed paths on the road* in Georgia and eventually decided to undergo a gradual merger of cooking pots, tents, hopes and untethered lives.

*Not literally, that would be lucky enough to be silly; we met online, though this required a degree of same place, same time. 

Me and Evan on loaded touring bicycles outside Moroto, Karamoja, Uganda

Evan and I cycling in Karamoja, northeastern Uganda

If you’d like to know more about why this blog isn’t chronologic or even consistently about bike travel, this post explains my intentions for writing and sharing in 2018, and why. Or if you want to dive right in, visit my blog or my photo galleries.

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