The Canadian was cold on Snow Mountain, Taiwan

It was 6:15 AM and our group was vying for the leading spot on the trail to set a quicker pace.  A slow and quiet race was taking place, to reach the top of Snow Mountain before the sun threw itself from the clouds. Dawn did its thing, illuminating the range that curved around the valley we had climbed through, but the biggie biggie, bold views were kept hidden away by the ridgeline, unviewable until the summit.

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Tax dollars at work in Tainan, Taiwan

People are really throwing it down in the parks of Tainan. So much in fact, that it kind of seems like the grass is having a hard time growing, what with all of the vigorous park activities. The ground is patchy, brown and dusty. This could also be reasonably attributed to the fact that it is December. No matter, there’s a small lake (large pond?) with a pagoda terrace in the middle, and for me this more than compensates for the lack of grass. Also I know for a fact that whoever manages park aesthetics in Tainan is really, really concerned with what I think is beautiful. Right.

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Stumbling from Taipei to Shihtoushan

a brown sign in english and mandarin characters pointing towards Chuan Hua Hall, Lion's Head Mountain

Arriving. After a confusing and pleasant journey, I reach the parking lot and see this sign showing the way to Chuan Hua Tang, the hall where I will be staying and eating while I visit Lion’s Head Mountain

More so in places like Taiwan, and less so in places like wherever your job interview is, it can be very enjoyable to have no idea how long it will take to get yourself from Point A to Point B. There is definitely merit (and logic…and responsible thinking…) to looking it up on Google Maps, but then there’s a bit less mystery wrapped up in the whole “the journey is the destination” thing.

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You say Taiwanese spring roll, I say exotic burrito

various fillings including shredded cabbage, lima beans, shrimp, bean curd in metal bowls at a street food stall in Taiwan

Lima beans, shredded cabbage, bean curd, shrimp, sugar: some of the fillings available in these Taiwanese wraps, a delicious street food.

As a general rule, the Taiwanese people are a ‘live to eat’ bunch.

Recently, I was chatting about dating and societal norms with a divorced lady here in Taiwan. We aren’t in the same age demographic, but I was curious – now that she’s solo dolo, is she at all interested in mingling with available suitors?

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Not enough socks in Shihtoushan

one red and one blue polka dot sock in my keds sneakers

While travelling in Taiwan, it was part of my identity to wear mismatched socks like these ones, the single pair I brought to Lion’s Head Mountain

I had three books with me, about fourteen pairs of underwear and a compass, but only one pair of socks. The friendly convenience store attached to the temple interestingly sold beers, but no socks. The one pair I did have was mismatched, polka dot, and dangerously close to becoming a pair of little waft bombs.

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