me in a coffee shop with a photograph beside my face of me as a child with my mom

My gummy smile has stuck around. Mom likes it.

At twenty-nine years old I cut my hair with craft scissors. It’s cheap and accessible. But the other reason is that I blush when hairdressers ask me what I want, as we lock eyes in the mirror. It just feels so vulnerable.

I cut the back part of my hair without looking in a mirror. I cut it to avoid a mullet, but sometimes the result seems worse.

I’m not sure if this is how you’re meant to start an About Page. I’m unsure about a lot of things. I do know that I want you to know some things about my life, both hair and non-hair related.

I live on a bicycle. If you’d like to know how that started, I wrote about it on Tom Allen’s excellent website.

The craft scissors I cut my hair with live in my toiletries bag, one of those little mesh travel bags that help me stay calm in a life with perennial packing up. The mesh bag also holds a yellow plastic soap box from a friend in Canada. This reminds me of home. The soap in the soap box is the only thing I wash my hair with, when I wash it at all. However much this horrifies you, I bet it would have horrified previous versions of myself more.

These previous Megans have spotted me from a ways away and they are coming closer. They’re saying “why are you there……is your hair up…nice legs…wait…what the fuck?!

It’s hard to introduce yourself without labels. Mine have included babysitter, cashier, student, student-union president, research assistant, waitress, volunteer, geologist, backpacker, solo-female-bike-traveller, elite-credit-card holder. I’ve been a girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, partner, false wife and that friend who Tinders.

I’d like to use the label “writer.” I spend a lot of my time writing, mostly on this blog. Writing makes me feel alive. But sometimes labels make me think I’ve succeeded with something. They make me stop trying. I really want to keep trying to write, so I’ll hold off on the label.


This blog isn’t chronologic. Posts are topical, and come out when I’m ready to share them. I hope they’re the ticket to learning more about me and the people and places that I’ve learned from.

There I go again: framing living on a bicycle and writing as primarily about learning. It’s tempting to label this lifestyle My Laudable Learning Expedition. But my life is also simple, fun, privileged, selfish.

Visit my Now Page to see where I am now and what I’m doing there. The date it was last updated is at the top. If my Now Page has been updated very recently, you don’t need to read it, because you’ll already know what I’ve been up to: procrastinating somewhere in Africa by updating my Now Page.

I also send out an email newsletter every two months. These include a map, stories and photos from our most recent bike travels. Learn more about it here to decide if it’s for you.

Want to know something about me beyond what’s here? Email me, hello (at) meganjamer (dot) com.

Thank you so much for reading!

— Megan

me leaning over my muddy bike in Swaziland

Most days aren’t as muddy as this one, in Swaziland.

Evan and I snuggled up on the bench of a sleeper car on a train in Zimbabwe

Evan and I spent our second anniversary on a train in Zimbabwe with his mom Anne, our bikes in the freight carriage.

me on the deck of the Ilala Ferry looking out on Lake Malawi at sunset

Taken by my Dad, aboard the Ilala Ferry in Malawi