Hello! My name is Megan Jamer (“jay-mer”) and I’m an unemployed former geologist from Canada who spends money I didn’t earn on enough coffee and carbs to pedal a crappy bicycle through Asia and Africa, indefinitely. I’m currently cycling north from South Africa.

cooking outside our MSR tent at dusk in the dirt, South Africa
Home for the night, South Africa

I write this blog along the way, and over time have poured more effort into it, savouring the corresponding joys and fears of being creative online, in public.

Forming my blog posts around topics (for example, where to squat on the Pamir Highway, entitlement, lip-smacking Ugandan food, deep coffee, fear, gendered Tanzanian train compartments) instead of travel updates was perhaps the best blogging decision I ever accidentally made. It feels like that scary kind of real freedom to write about what I want, when I want—when you’re a people pleaser like me, the “shoulds” have a way of travelling with you regardless of where your passport last granted you entry.

That’s the disclaimer that this blog isn’t chronologic, and though bike travel is the thread that strings many of my posts together, sometimes the connection is pretty loose. If you’re here because you want to know specifically where I’ve been lately and what that’s been like, this email list might work for you.

I reside at right-side mattress, Stinky Tent, my modest-sized home that a South African named Evan moved into some months after we connected through an enormously popular hook-up app in the Republic of Georgia.

Though I’d love to receive your paper mail at Stinky Tent, this isn’t possible, so we’ll have to be satisfied by corresponding via hello (at) meganjamer (dot) com, where you can direct any questions or thoughts you may have. Or maybe you’d just like to start reading—why not start with the post I’ve had the most fun writing?

Thank so much for visiting!