Where does the park end?

I explain why and how I’m updating my expectations of cycling in—and around—parks and reserves throughout East Africa (2,400 words). Continue Reading

Thirty three kilometres in Kyrgyzstan

What happened when we cycled at snail’s pace and said yes to everything one winter day in central Kyrgyzstan (2,300 words).  Continue Reading

Uganda through its doughs

When “Uganda” and “food” are put together in a sentence, it’s usually to talk about green bananas or rolex. I share fond memories of other Ugandan starches that filled me up while we cycled through (1,900 words).  Continue Reading

We are the terrors

Generally I narrate my life story back to myself with me as a protagonist. But if everyone’s doing that, the people we meet on the road may cast me as the idiot, the callous foreigner, the terror. They might even have good reasons to do so (1,400 words).  Continue Reading

Plans for writing and sharing here in 2018

I share what I learned last year that influenced my plans for writing this blog in 2018. I address voice, post frequency, videos, photos and of course: what I’ll be writing about, and why (1,500 words). Continue Reading

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