Looking out in Palawan, Philippines

Most of what I’ve written to date about a brief stint living on a boat in the Philippines (here, and here) has focused on pictures and stories from within those 30-odd feet that kept us only slightly separated from the ocean below.

The thing is, although living within Danica’s confined quarters was an adventure and sight unto itself, we spent the vast majority and perhaps the most enjoyable of our moments looking out and away from the boat. Because there wasn’t a closed cabin, day and night we were afforded 360 degree viewing of our surroundings, which changed daily whether or not we changed location.

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On balance

I doubt I’ll get much sympathy by lamenting my upcoming lack of internet access (maybe a few weeks!). My friend Jon and I are currently holed up in Makati, Manila. The air-conditioned fried chicken joints, Starbucks and commercial high rises of Makati tempt you to overlook the fact that much of Manila’s 17 million inhabitants are living difficult lives a short walk away. Just last night we learned that many of the Jeepneys double as homes for entire families during the night. Ten thousand others who can’t find accommodation find shelter at the cemetery.

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