Gallery: Georgia

Evan making breakfast in the fresh air of Svaneti National Park

During summer, autumn and winter 2015 I visited Georgia twice on my bicycle. These photos are my attempt to show why I enjoyed my time there.

Tbilisi the capital has this metal statue of a robed woman that’s lit up at night such that her clothes shine cobalt. In one hand she has wine and in the other a sword lying against her stomach. She is meant to represent Georgian culture: unbridled hospitality to friends, aggression against foes. I experienced mostly the former during my time in this small nation in the north of the South Caucasus, even from its dogs.

After Central Asia and Azerbaijan (outside of Baku), I was looking for some drinking that wasn’t vodka and to meet other travellers. Georgia’s mountains, home-made wines, heavy food, nightlife and visa-free travel for most western nationalities encourage long stays, and have made it a darling of Europeans. Many visitors stay in Georgia for a long time relative to its small size, despite it being seen as simply “on the way,” the middle of a trip from Europe to Asia or vice-versa.

I was no exception, puttering around, reluctant to leave. The interesting people I met further slowed my pace.

I first met Evan in Georgia, an event that marked the apex and then decline of my Tinder account, which was getting heavy use ever since I stepped off the train ferry “Aghdam” that had taken me across the Caspian Sea from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan. The photos of Evan and I in this album are from the label-less, awkward and hilarious first days of us getting to know one another, by going too quickly from strangers to sharing a tent.

route map of bike travelling in Georgia in Svaneti and Tusheti and the south west

My slow explorations of Georgia during my two visits in 2015 by bicycle and sometimes with the bicycle in a vehicle. Click to enlarge.

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