I send out a TinyLetter every month or two. I started in late 2016: I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this website, so I began to write an email that eventually became a TinyLetter, which is a email newsletter service.

Have you ever noticed how a paper journal, a smartphone note, an email and a Facebook comment each bring out different writing styles? For me this is very true. My journal is where I mostly ignore style and grammar and write slowly, reflectively. My blog has become a place for me to narrow the scope of a post to a particular incident or topic, whether it happened last month or two years ago.

Our TinyLetter is chronologic, casual, and includes photos and a map from where we’ve been recently. When we’re off the bike, it also shares stories from that “other life.” The other difference is that it is more about both Evan and I than my blog tends to be. Here’s snippets of what you can expect if you sign up:

Each one includes a map of where we’ve been: 

a map of tanzania for tinyletter with lines in different colours for bike, bus and train travel

In each TinyLetter we include a map of where we’ve been and how we got there

Each TinyLetter is about 2,000 words, written like this: 

…While Ilona and I were thoroughly enjoying our last few days of riding together, smitten with every woman who warmly greeted us as they walked down the road, Stan the Bicycle decided he was over it. He vomited out all of the bearings in his bottom bracket and gave a ominous creak, signalling the end… (Rwanda)

…For example, a day in Pineapple Land. We were in the chunk of Tanzania east of Lake Malawi, a easterly dipping plateau that is dimpled, big dimples of land that make for hills I have to hard brake down, and don’t even bother trying to pedal up. Evan pedals them all!…(Tanzania)

And many photos!

a screenshot of tinyletter of me camping and cooking in tanzania

Each TinyLetter includes lots of recent photos from the last few months

In 2018 I’ll be writing in two places: my blog, and TinyLetter. They are separate, which means they have separate sign-up forms. To subscribe to my blog, sign up at the bottom of any post or gallery. If you’d like to join the TinyLetter, the form below is what you want:

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