Evan and our touring bicycles leaning against the wall of a Kenyan church with murals

Kenya, where my email updates began in 2016.

Since we began bike travelling south from Kenya in 2016, I’ve sent private updates about the journey that aren’t posted on my blog. Everyone’s welcome to receive them, please sign up below if you’re interested.

Here’s a sample.

Expect to read about the people, landscapes, food, campsites, surprises and challenges that crossed our path recently. When we’ve stayed in one place for a while, I write about that too. Every six to eight weeks there’s a new update with stories, pictures and a route map. If you’re interested in what we’ve been up to lately, you might find these updates a great complement to my blog.

On my blog I’m experimenting—with topics, stories, voice and chronology. I’ve come to really enjoy writing these travel updates too, seeking some consistency to balance out that experimenting.

And, because no matter what my blog posts are about, they’re written while cycling slowly through African countries. Whenever I meet someone interested in following that particular journey, I’m humbled, and happy to share my perspectives with you. Just submit your email below to get started.

Thanks so much for your interest!



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